Date Update
December 31, 1999 In time for the New Year! A new Spilled looks at the New Year, as does an Observation. Sorry, I couldn't resist being cliche.
December 28, 1999 I promised new content by year-end, didn't I? Roseland has a new chapter, Having Faith. Maybe some Y2K related thoughts will be forthcoming.
December 16, 1999 Holy Crap! Two months I haven't updated some major content and you still come back? Woah! Spilled has a new chapter. To be honest, I wrote it in March and forgot about it. But it's motivated me to restart work on Roseland again. And write another Spilled chapter I have rolling around in my head. And I have another unfinished short story. Plus some poems. I better get to work.
October 21, 1999 A couple of new poems. And an open letter to past users of the Yahoo!Club Alexismassie.
September 30, 1999 Nothing much in content. But I've cleaned up some code in the bottom frame. Also, I've joined Coolstop's i2k group. (Button on the left frame).
September 22, 1999 A new eclectic offering, Snapshots, perpetual transcience. Also, an addition to inferiority, a lunch with Maura.
September 15, 1999 Yeah, I know I suck. A hap-hazardly written Roseland is now up (Chpt 3). I've been in a rut lately, sorry. I expect that to change.
September 3, 1999 I'm working on stuff, I swear. Hopefully a new Roseland will be up soon. Maybe a Spilled. Maybe a Short Story. They're coming, baby. They're coming.
August 09, 1999 A new Observation. And hey, are you in on the buzz yet? Put your e-mail address over there in the left and join the Complexications mailing list!
July 30, 1999 I updated some 'bio' stuff.
July 20, 1999 Oh boy oh boy! People are signing up for the mailing list. (It's that little box over on the left there that says 'mail list' that you click on AFTER you have typed your e-mail address in.) Don't miss out on the fun fun fun! Well, not that I'm guaranteeing anything here, or trying to raise expectations. Or promising to be even moderately entertaining. I'm just trying to extend the brand, man.
July 16, 1999 I cleaned up the links area.
July 15, 1999 I wrote a poem for my wife for our Anniversary.
July 14, 1999 New design. Yippie. I work very hard on this. Let me know what you think. Oh, and if you came in via the 'indexa1.html' deal, go back and check out the new splash.
June 11, 1999 It all really comes down to who you are in spilled.
June 10, 1999 Has it really been a whole month? I' sure I have added things since then. But today, I put up two new poems (an Untitled and Hoboken Ferry), both for Linda who constantly reminds me what good friends really are regardless of my own stupidity. (End of sappiness) I would like to note that Seattle has had a positive effect on me (which I'm sure will be temporary as New York again infiltrates my senses), but I'm feeling very West Coast right now. Have a good day.
May 10, 1999 (old link) eclectic should be fixed for Netscape (see below). I also joined the bandwagon on mirroring Jason Koettke's funny parody of the Simply Palm ads.
May 7, 1999 Finally. Chapter 2 in Roseland.

Also, I know Netscape for some reason is blowing up on (old link) eclectic. So I've made a (old link) static page where, if you've been having problems, can still get to the different sections I've created.

May 6, 1999 I've begun some clean-up. Coolstop's proprietor was kind enough to give me a critique. I tackled What's New first, standardizing some typeface, and in the background I took it upon myself to institute style sheets instead of the deprecated <font> tag.

Also, I know Netscape for some reason is blowing up on (old link) eclectic. So I've made a (old link) static page where, if you've been having problems, can still get to the different sections I've created.

April 29, 1999 I feel my grasp on sanity becoming tenuous. A new Spilled.
April 21, 1999 Yes, just like everyone else out there, I have an opinion on the school shooting. I've spilled it out.
April 20, 1999 Oh, damn! I almost forgot! I was a Glassdog (tm) 3rd anniversary contest winner! Come read about my harrowing excursion into the depths of GlassDog HQ on my mission to free the dancing hamster!

A new observation.
April 14, 1999 A new observation.
April 7, 1999 A new chapter in Spilled. Don't worry, I've moved away from the death theme that overtook me at the beginning of the year.
March 31, 1999 A new observation.
March 26, 1999 Holy crap, Batman! Two days go by and he puts up more rambling drivel. One old inferiority complex addition that I had forgotten about, and one new one..
March 24, 1999 Ok, a real content update. A new short story, The Kiss.
March 19, 1999 I changed the colors to comply with Spring. There is just something about everything turning green and warm that gets to me. Plus, it means that the water along the East Coast will begin to get warm again. That means the starts of the summer surfing season.

And yes, I am working on some new things. I've just been busy upgrading my home computer from a Performa 400 to a PowerMac 6115. I'm so cutting edge.

March 16, 1999 Do you know what it is like to battle with a stretch of no creativity? I mean, I can't get anything good out, writing-wise. Oh, sure, I'm doing all sorts of cool things in designing processes for submitting docuiments to a collabortive web site for an industry organization, but can I write a poem to save my life?

Therefore, I am resting on my laurels by putting up my old posts. they're in (old link) eclectic, of course..

March 11, 1999 I met someone from the web, so I had to at least mention it.
March 05, 1999 Eye candy. Yes, Kristy, my on-staff design expert, made me a Flash splash page. If you bookmarked the index page, or the indexa page, you'll have seen it. You can click past it, of course, by clicking on the 'enter' above the Flash image.

If you were wondering, index.html I use to weed out non-javascript browsers, although now that I've been using DHTML within frames and not just for navigation, I suppose that's getting pointless. Indexa is where the Flash pic actually resides, and is the main splash page for the site. Don't you love reading all this useless information?

Although, I assume many people bookmark indexa1, you should really have at least indexa bookmarked in case I come up with new splash pages. Just a suggestion.

March 04, 1999 Hey, wow. Two days in a row and I have something new. It's nothing big, but a new random thought. I fixed the eclectic page, I believe. Netscape was blowing up on it for some DHTML reason. Also, I added some links so you can find ever more places to escape to once you realize you need to just get out of here. Did I mention that I played around with the about page, too? Geeze, I'm just an updating maniac..
March 03, 1999 Not to beat a dead horse, but I've got a story published at, a site about first loves. New here is an Observation. Also, I've done some background stuff so let me know if you get broken links. Finally, my friend has been playing with Flash for me. I may have a new splash up soon. Then there's always my on again, off again flirting with a complete new design.
February 24, 1999 Can you feel the excitement? Can you? I know you can! I actually committed to the first chapter of Roseland. You don't even know how hard it was to get out. You all had better appreciate it.
February 22, 1999 A new Observation. I'm thinking of closing this piece and starting something new.
February 18, 1999 Ok, I've been holding out because I thought I had more to add to it. But, I didn't. So, for better or for worse, a Chapter 16 of Spilled.
February 10, 1999 I've been cleaning some things up (such as the picture replacement for you MSIE users in the bottom frame). No doubt, you noticed the new feature on the main page of a small comment every so often. For now, nothing big has been added. You'll have to be content with a random thought about Chunk.
February 5, 1999 You no doubt already noticed the change to the main page. I've changed the look of (old link) eclectic as well. DHTML is my new toy. Learn to deal with it.
January 26, 1999 I added a short story, Reflect Upon It. Also, I'm begining Roseland, a story I'm going to try to write. I'm not sure what exactly it'll be about.. but... And no doubt, you noticed the new main page. Just a change for refreshment. Also, I added a commentary with no basis, but to get some feelings off my chest.
January 15, 1999 I put up an experiment submitted to metababy. It is a poem rendered in DHTML. Very sloppy DHTML. A new observation. Also, I've succumbed to exhibitionist tendencies and put a picture of me (of sorts) in the about section.
January 11, 1999 Chapter 15 in Spilled gets back on track with death, everyone's fun pet topic.

Also, about 7 new (old) poems have been added, a new observation that should have been up last week, and some various other stuff that probably should just die, such as a fixed link and other sundries.

Hey, see how I pulled all of that together? The 'death' theme beginning and ending the update?

January 8, 1999 Wow.. Alexis Massie is one popular gal. Uh, err.. hussy, I mean. Answers are just flowing in. And me without an automated way to keep up with it. Have you answered yet? Oh, for some reason, I'm getting a few blank forms back. Kinda weird. If you sent in answers awhile ago and don't see them up, tell me.

Also, a new Spilled entry.. Chapter 14. Hey, you like how I'm hyperlinking this stuff now so you don't have to try and find everything? I'm the mack-daddy of 'ease of use,' baby!

I am working on a new short story, and revising some old ones, and some new poetry. But I've got a day job, kids, so don't harp on me for being slow about it.

January 5, 1999 Yes, I've been screwing around. Let me know if you find any errors. I'm building content. <--Cool buzzword.

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