That nagging feeling after completing a project. The buzzing in your brain when you walk into a club or bar. The butterflies in your stomach when the 'beautiful people' walk by.

Yeah, you busted your ass on the project. But the guy who just went before you had professional graphics on his Powerpoint slides.

The 'regular crowd' turned and gave you a once-over when you walked in. Then the cute girl turned, giggling, to her friend.

You don't want to be in their crowd. Hell, you don't even like them. But the least they could have done is acknowledge you were there instead of forcing you off the curb into that puddle.

It may not be you. You may be the best at what you do - but every now and then, someone with an edge comes along. An edge you can't quantify. An edge you can't grasp. An edge you realize you may never get.

Welcome to inferiority.