Date Update
December 31, 1998 I tried to resist. I really really did. I wasn't going to do it. But I did.

Two Observations and one Book entry for the 31st. Come the New Year, I'm partying like it's 1988, and I'm a footloose and fancy free lesbian in the Village on parade. That and I've got some stories in the works. A possible re-attempt at a novel I had begun and stopped over four years ago. More poetry (thank god for scanners and OCR technology).

December 23, 1998 Ok, I did some work. It's not done, but it's functional. Answer the Alexis Massie 25 Questions. It's sure to be enjoyable.
December 23, 1998 Nothing. Nothing is new. It's Christmastime and there is just way too much pressure to deliver and I'm not going to.

But a little ying and yang for you; Happy - Scott thanks me for listening. Wow, I'm an inspiration.

Pissed - Christmas commuters. From the guy on the train sitting next to me, kicking my foot while I'm trying to sleep and saying "sorry" for basically the whole trip, to the morons who think they'll walk halfway up an escalator, then suddenly have an epiphany and stop.

December 16, 1998 I went Bra shopping.
December 5, 1998 You know, I think I'm pumping this stuff out way too fast. I have no idea if any of it is any good. Chapter 12 is up. A new Random Thought. I did some editing here and there. Someone let me know if any of this stuff is any good at all. The book is wavering back and forth, not wanting to become anything concrete yet. I think I have to actually work on creating a real story. Well, I have the beginnings of one, actually. Maybe I'll work on digitizing that. It's a take-off on my 'On the Road' short story. Let me know if you want to see that instead of my current drivel.
December 2, 1998 I finished the new Chapter (11). I should really learn how to edit better.
December 1, 1998 It's a Day Without Art. Also, I figured out how to make my site IE friendly. No more bad errors, hopefully. Also, I'm working on a new chapter in the book. It's somewhat insightful.
November 24, 1998 Eeewww. I got involved in on-line drama. I just can't keep my nose out of other people's business sometimes.
November 23, 1998 It's my birthday. I've added a relevant chapter (#10) to the Book. Also, I'll be registering a domain soon, so look out for this moving to an actual [dot] place soon.
November 18, 1998 Some more on the inferiority complex
November 17, 1998 You know, I update the page more often than 'What's New' may lead you to believe. Observations go up now and again. Also, I've re-done some of the links I'm recommending. And I've add actual book reviews, by me, off of the book section. So buy! buy! buy!
November 6, 1998 New observations! New poetry! Content! Content! Content! I'm a content GOD, a content whore! Ahem. Check it out.
October 27, 1998 Hmm.. New Observation and new chapter.
October 22, 1998 I've launched a new idea. Observations. It's probably been done somewhere before. But this is the first time I've done it. Check it out under Eclectic. Pay attention to the life that's passing you by once in awhile.
October 20, 1998 Yet another Chapter (7). I actually had this one for awhile and kept revising it, changing it, deleting and rewriting it. And a new Poem, Perceptions. Also, I've teamed up with Amazon DOT com. I'm hoping it will give the kick in the ass I need to read some good literary works (and then tell you about them).
October 13, 1998 Hmm. I added another Chapter. I really have no idea where I'm going with this thing. But I think I've got some good stuff brewing in my brain. Percolating.
October 8, 1998 ACK! What did you do???Welcome to Inferiority. I was getting tired of the last design, and I wanted to focus in a bit more topically. So, I have the old site up at Tripod and also on Stern's server. It used to be on AT+T (which, by the way, is the slowest fucking server I've ever seen). Once I get cable modem access, I'll probably drop AT&T for dial-up access, but, who knows? (old link) More Details on this new site and what to expect.

I know - the OnClick doesn't work in Explorer for the Form. And a couple other things. I'm working on it.

September 4, 1998 You know, keeping and maintaining a 'What's New' page is an effort in futility unless you happen to code your pages so that whenever you save or publish an update, it appears here. But, hey, I'm still a grom at the game of true interactivity, and I'm not sure I really care to go all the way. I'm happy putting up my little quips and JavaScript pop-up boxes that were in vogue in 1994. I've added more to the site. That's all you need to know.
August 5, 1998 Uhh.. I've missed a couple of days here. But, I've added a splash page to be cool like the rest of the kids on the block. I've added a couple of chapter ideas for the (old link) Book. I added a couple of new poems. Well, they may not be very new, but they're new to you. I'm waffling back and forth between the Siteflow counter and the LE Fastcounter. Siteflow seems to be slowing down the loading of my page and that bugs me. But LE Fastecounter takes into account my hits. These dilemmas I must face. I tell you. Also, I added 'Inferiority Complex.' Let's see... is that it? Maybe not. But I forget the other things.
June 20, 1998 Holy Cow! A new look! New Graphics! Rich, you've been a busy man! Yeah, tell me about it. You don't know the half of it. New job, new kid, new house, moving, school at night...ecetera ad nauseum.
January 11, 1998. Happy new year. Another year, another step closer to death. Ok, so that's pretty morbid. No, I haven't had much time lately to update much here, or to fix things and so forth, but I am adding some new poetry and fixing some graphical problems. I'm pretty excited, though, because I've passed the 600 mark rather quickly for a small, do nothing site. Maybe once I get a PC hooked up at home with some web access, I'll actually supercharge this so it's more useful than a vial of crack on 42nd Street.
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