Something pre-chapter 1
August 4, 1998

You know, I think I may have cracked an important issue.

When I think, I tend to do so in a convoluted way, tracing lines of thought down and chasing them around. Looking at a problem, the solution is almost never easy, because of the multitude of intertwined issues I see.

It's not just an issue of the chicken and the egg. You know the egg couldn't have been hatched without the chicken sitting on it. But the chicken wouldn't be alive if there wasn't any food. So where did the food come from? Why can't a glass be in the middle instead of being half full or half empty? And isn't a full glass just a glass that is potentially empty, or in the same vein, an empty glass is potentially full, or even perpetually empty?

A problem isn't caused by one issue. You conquer one issue in a problem without thought to other causes and you get nowhere. If you try to tackle the problems one by one, you compound the problem because you are ignoring their interactions with eachother. But you can't take them all on at once because they would bury you in complexity.

When I said I may have cracked an important issue, I may have been somewhat misleading. I still don't know what to do with this somewhat inane realization, but I think the realization in and of itself is something that was important for me to write down and at least try to begin to sort out.

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