July 28, 1998
You know, life continues to seem odd to me. I mean, yeah, we're all here on earth running around like little ants doing some type of show for whatever powers that be. So I ask, what is the total point?

I'm decidely off track already about what I was thinking when I started this. And I'm only a paragraph in. Ah well. Let me digress for a moment. I was surfing about the Web today, mostly for work purposes. I'm helping put together a site for an organization my company belongs to. I'm the company's representative on the organization's Web Committee. Which in all, is kind of funny because a lot of people inb this committee haven't even been on the Web. Which leads me to why I was surfing around. In order to design a site that's useful, you have to look at other sites that are designed well and useful.

Along the same vein, to know what kind of content you want or even could have, you have to see other sites and what they have done, what kind of unique offerings they have come up with. If you don't, you'll still be able to design a site, but it most likely will be somewhat clumsy, and confusing if it gets too large and unwieldy.

But Rich, what are you talking about?

Whatever. Keep reading.

So, there are a ton of sites out there that are simply amazing. I mean, I would simply die for some of the tools these people must have, and the time to use them. They're working for themselves, building web pages and writing. A pipe dream for me, but hey - I chose my life's work in this Financial world for the money. I'll have to get my pleasure somewhere else; unless I continue to get to do this cool Web stuff.

But getting back to these sites. Not only are they amazing, but they are a complete picture of the people who put them up; 'webzines' that are actually personal journals with interactive qualities. People with a need to share themselves with the world.

And then I remembered - oh yeah, I'm doing the same freakin' thing here.

Like I said, odd. So, the total point; whatever I do, I still affect everyone around me. And in some small way, my affect on those around me has repercussions for each of the people they come in contact with. And then, it's not just only the people, but animals, plants, whatever.

I killed a queen wasp that flew into my new garage the other night. I ended that whole possible line of wasps (I think it was a Yellow Jacket). And with that whole line, any pollinating they may have done, animals they may have fed, ecetera.

So the point? Well, I don't really have much of a point. I wrote this rambling story prelude "On the Road" awhile ago that was a somewhat fictionalized starting point for my thoughts. The idea is that you always have to be moving forward.

I wish my recall was better. I can't for the life of me remember names or lines. This really sucks because you would think someone who appreciates writing would be able to quote authors and poems with ease. Well, I can't, and it's a real pain in the ass when I know of a poem that would fit perfectly somewhere, but can't remember it or the author. It has something to do with the reason why the author moves. Moving displaces the air, which moves to fill in where the author left, so the author keeps moving to keep everything moving.

But of course, that's a wasted exercise without the actual poem.

But I keep coming back to this idea of a type of karmatic connection in the world. It's not that I'm an athiest. You can't undo 15 years of Roman Catholic schools and upbringing in a lifetime. Agnostic is a somewhat bad desciption, as well. Labels and more labels, right? Well, I'll save the topic of the details of what I actually believe in for a different Chapter by itself. I'm a bit loath, though - my mother always did say religion and politics were dangerous subjects.

For now, rest easy in the fact that I am your guide in this improbable journey into a look at philosophy, opinionated bantering, and an unique perspective on life overall....

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