Another holiday season
is upon us, provided
you belong to one of the
religions that, to satisfy
the needs of marketers
(as well as to not be outdone
by some other religion)
celebrate a time of gift-giving.

If you're one of the
don't worry.. you can
participate, too!

Buy someone a pair of
overpriced Nikes, helping
to support 3rd World child labor,
environmental abuse, and of course
sponsorship to professional
sports players that have the
character and moral center
of a gang banger.

Etoys, by the way, removed
their feedback form (forcing me to change all my links). A new
e-mail link is below. Click it
now. Click it often. It's the
season of giving!


Have you told ®
you are boycotting them this season yet?
What are you waiting for?