And it's all about you, isn't it?
The talk, the writing, the
incessant blather about this
or that.
the century winds down and I
have yet to make my mark
by commenting on the sorry
state of the pop world
(for lack of a more accurate phrase)
and its reflection upon how our
society as whole seems to be just
going into the crapper -
the only true things left that you can
depend on or believe in being those
things closest to you, that are part of
what you believe preserves your individuality
in the face of the co-opting of
those things by the mechanisms you
fight dearly to ignore, at the least.

It's all relative, you see. For as we
have moved to be individuals, our need
for collectivism on an immediate scale has
increased, resulting in a bland
demographic that is twisted and shaped
to sell soda, cheap drama, and bad music.


Have you told ®
you are boycotting them this season yet?
What are you waiting for?