Fall Theatre

The smell of sycamore
still sweet in the air
as life lets loose its hold
and another leaf is pulled
by the wind, soaring through the air
on its journey to the ground
peppered gold and brown
turning end on end
like the last light
of orange glow
from an ember growing cold
this is the last show
the leaf has made
its final curtain call
in the most breathtaking
performance of its run -
sunlight gleems as it
hits the sorrowful golden eyes
framed by an angry face of
pure fiery orange
only showing its age
with spots of brown -
look -
the last dance, now,
takes place
as the grass gives
a standing ovation
to this menage a trois
between leaf, wind and sun
and cushions
its final rest
as the chorus line
to bring an end to
the final act

© 1992, Robinson Publications, all rights reserved