Three Years

Three years come and go
as days turn the page
of calanders we mark
with dates of events
nights out, vacation days,
birthdays, Christmases,
and Thanksgiving Day turkeys

Three years pass
as we grow older
(and hopefully wiser)
meet new friends
as some fade into our pasts
and grow closer to those
who stay

Three years pass
at times seeming
as if only a day
all the while
wonders that we
never believed possible
filling us, making us

Three years lived,
marriage, the birth
of a bouncing baby boy
testament of time
that has been lived
in love together

Three years ago we wed
Three years later we celebrate
Three years
of love and happiness
of arguing and making up
of learning more about eachother
each day
the calander turns a page.

For Lisa, on our Anniversary. July 13, 1999.

© 1999, Robinson Publications, all rights reserved