Driven by what?
Held captive by whom?
Taunted by which one thing?
The past.
Never able to see when?
The future.
Unable to hold her.


haunt the mind
In the hours of light
you are afraid

Closing your eyes

Can you escape them?

An old girlfriend
A dead friend
A man who wants you dead
A house that you lived in burning down
A parent being shot
The winter covering you with snow,
trapping you
You trapping yourself
The abortion you had
The abortion you wish you had
Food stamps
The land spinning by so fast you only catch a blur
Last Saturday night
The ocean crashing over you as a child so powerful
that you thought you would drown
The car you didn't see that ran the red light
The faces you can't remember
The faces you want to forget
The night the stars were in the sky and all was right
until the world came crashing down around you
The flashback you had doing 90 in the rain with trucks all around you


Images remain.

© 1992, Robinson Publications, all rights reserved