Damned Bills

Going by
Just Images
It's never anything worth seeing

You see it every day
The same places
The same scene
Stoned, drunk, or sober
It's just the same old thing

I gotta get out of here
I've got to run I

I looked in my mail box when I got home


That's all that comes these days

I gotta get out But you know... I can't.

where am I going to go?
It started when I was a kid
That time I said
"Yeah, I want to go to an Ivy League school"

that's when I was stuck
I fell into it
I never did get into an Ivy League school.

Now it's all ended


Work and Bills

Hell, I don't even see the day anymore
Weekends come and I can't get out of bed

Maybe it was the partying the night before

Damn the headache.

Yeah, but I gotta do something
I just can't work all the time
So I go out and get hammered
Just like last week

You remember last week
I hope you do.
I can't

I looked in my mailbox today

Nothing was there.

You know, I still don't understand it.

I got depressed.

Damned bills.

© 1992, Robinson Publications, all rights reserved