How Fast can it be Destroyed

How fast can it burn
Burning a candle at both ends
Lighting a matchbook all at once
Pouring alcohol on a flame
Making Los Angeles an inferno

How fast will it go
Riding a sled down a hill of ice
Pushing the accelerator to the floor
Throwing it from the highest mountain
Riding a comet headed for the sun

How far will it go
To the ends of the world
Until everything is gone
Where nothing no longer matters
To one step past the edge of the cliff

How low can it get
Crawling with the worms and beetles
Sinking into the depths of the ocean
Down to the core of the earth
Having lunch with Satan

Time and again you held it
Clenching in your fist
Held to your chest
It swimming in your mind

How fast can it be destroyed

© 1994, Robinson Publications, all rights reserved