Tears of the Sun

Storm clouds
blue grey in her eyes
Dropping rain
Beating against my window
Once again

I look out
And can barely see the sun
A circle of white
Against the darkening storm

Unable to break through
the tears of rain
That run down my window
As I sit helpless
Against the storm

The storm that has
driven up the wind
Poured years of tears
Darkened the brightest skies

Skies that I have
sat below
Full of life

Tears that never
should have been cried

Wind that once
caressed us all
on a hot summers day

That rain of tears
beats now, at my window
driven by the wind
fed by the sky

The sky that darkens my eyes
The wind that chills my body
The tears that remind my soul

So that I sit
Watching the window
One hand on the door
Wanting to go out
to scream at the storm

To stop
To end the tears on my window
To calm the wind
To once again allow the sun
To run across the sky

The doorknob turned
And I stepped outside
And then
The only tears were from my joy
The only wind from my breath
The sun hung high
And the storm had gone.

© 1994, Robinson Publications, all rights reserved