Nic Fit

An empty pack of cigarettes
The store on the corner is closed
It's a nice nice for a walk
Or maybe just to sit in my apartment
Can you see the moon
It's another cloudless night
No chill in the air
Where can I get another cigarette?
Screaming Trees
a breeze of music through still air
Rock, Pop, Death Metal
Waves or noise?
Watching the tree slide closer
Closer to the passenger side window
The wheels grabbed the pavement
as noise pumped out from the speaker
whisps of smoke
from fires
alight for centuries
No matches for the cigarettes I just found
has the fire inside gone out?
Images, sounds, blurring pictures, deafening noise
Pompay knew the volcano was alive
There is no water in the desert
Flames burn blue in the water
The wet ashtray just put out my cigarette
Can you get there
Where's there?
there is never any way
to know if a chameleon likes its skin
If the lion likes its roar
If leaves would never let go if given the choice
If the fire likes to burn
I have one cigarette left.

© 1998, Robinson Publications, all rights reserved