Year 2000, Day 1

Year 2000, Day 1
"It's here! It's here!"
Cries I awaken to
on this first day
of the new age
the new millenium
the new era
countless souls have tolled for

The creeping fingers
of the sun
ply at my eyes
beconing them to open
Open on this
new and brighter age
spawned by the
click of a second hand
on a digitally mastered
atomic clock

This new sun
reminiscent of
the old sun born
the day before
hanging in a sky
that conspicuously
mirrors that same day
of yesteryear
that belonged to
the Dark ages
pulls me from a sloppy sleep
wakening my body
to the new brighter era
we as a world have
boldly step forth into

I work my toungue
wintin a mouth
that still must get dry
in this new age
after sleeping off
a hangover
that is not spectacularly
different from
the hangover I suffered
at the 1999 Christmas Party
during those Dark Ages
now behind me
because the clock
at my bedside clicked
in time with its atomic sister

"It is now upon us!"
Another cry forcing me
to stir from my lair
stumbling to the
cabinet to find
aspirin that expired
last year - yesterday -
How ill prepared I feel
as my legs
that do not seem
to have come completely with
me into this
bright new age
shuffle me towards
the sink
to wash my face clean

Clean as the page
the new era stands
open to
as the old book has been
tossed away

"Damn!" I yell out
stubbing my toe
sadly coming to terms
with the fact that
pain today is no less severe
in this new era than that
day in the Dark Ages
I kicked the door
in frustration

"Can you believe it's here!"
A cry outside my door
snaps in my ears
surprisingly sensitive
in the new millenium
- or is that just the hangover? -
And I step out
To breath in the air

Of course! The new air
of the a new age
breathing deep
I let it fill me
Ah yes! A
marvellous morning
not much unlike
yesterday - yesteryear -

Heads turn towards
my exclamation
pools of eyes
seas of color within
passing over my body
exposed to cursory observation
pulling out my soul
to question if I belong

Belong in this
new age
an age promising
it's then I realized
I hadn't sleep with
pants on

Somewhere I hear a
clock ticking

Note: this is a work in progress...

© 1998, Robinson Publications, all rights reserved