I sit
Time crawls by
I can see her face,
hear her laugh,
But my hands cannot touch her.
She may be a million miles
or just in the next room,
but an eternity separates us.

Can she hear me?
Feel my thoughts?
they focus on her
but the distance of Time
is like a thick fog
Dampending sight,

My wait is coming to an end,
But still
The eternity lingers
Cruel, though time knows not what it does.
Weeks have turned to days
Just as days will turn to

Can it be such a short time?

But time stretches itself out
each second taking longer
than the last.

A second turns to a minute
A minute to hours
hours to days
Until it againt is an eternity
that final second
Being as long as the earth is Old.

and time is cruel
It hurts
But does not mean to be.

In three days, the world has
been changed
that is the eternity.


A second.

But we move closer
And I know
Just as that final second
is eternity
When I touch her
When I feel her skin on mine
That second, as well,
is its own eternity.

Time will be my friend again,
Giving me an eternity,
A second,
In her arms.

© 1993, Robinson Publications, all rights reserved