Wind's Tribute

the wind has a life
as it moves clouds
across the sky
over green lands
Blue seas
Barren waste lands
Forests full of life

It's voice can be heard
Russling leaves at night
No other sound besides crickets
and a lone owl's call from shadows
(borne by the wind)
zephyr phonics speak again
flowing past your ear
Like music from a marigold flute
on a balmy day

where you can feel its touch
cooling summer days
as it rushes off the ocean
pushed foward by white-capped waves

to witness a day
without this tempest
bringing scents of daffodils
tastes of ocean salt
or images of life in wandering clouds

to witness a night
without a cool summer breeze
sitting on a porch
or a cederwood swing
as trees come alive with song
and nature's perfumes
tickling noses

to be without
the life known as the wind
would be as if
all sight, sound
touch, taste
were lost
to be left blind
dumb, deaf
without feeling

sit in the breeze
witness its wonder
revel in its caress
never to curse
as it turns this page

© 1994, Robinson Publications, all rights reserved