Snapshots : Perpetual Transience
It was brisk out this morning, a light drizzle making outside less of the inviting place it had been over the summer months. This, as it would happen, caused me to walk inside, through the Financial Center, to avoid the grayness of the wind. (Yes, it was a wind now, however soft it may be, as breezes are reserved for warmer days when they are soothing, not biting)

I was shaken from my morning ritual of the commuter's solitary walk to work.

"Nice coat. Hey I have a coat like that. Are you sure that isn't my coat you're wearing?"

He stopped, pointing at me, smiling. Ingrained preconceptions had me picture him first as possibly homeless. A second glance, and that was revised to regular working man, or maybe someone with the day off.

"Nah, I don't think so," came my witty return, my mind barely awake to the day. Later on (perhaps only 30 seconds into the future) I would think a much better response would have been something more along the lines of 'Maybe. Did you forget it after dinner last night at my place?'

"You look good in it," he happily replied.

Even though I had kept walking, I had turned to keep facing him as I went by. A smile touched my face and I expressed my thanks. Without missing a beat I turned, arm extended to keep open the closing door I was headed through.