Uh, Hi there.

There seems to be a lot
of new faces coming around,
so I figured I'd just say
a few words.

Uh, go Buckeyes!
(I have no idea why I'm linked there.)

Although, I do like the band
Garbage, uh, thanks for the heads up, Marcy.

(Yes, I'm a big fat loser and
look at my referrer logs. Leave
me alone.)

Oh, so anyway, this is a
'personal web page.' Or,
if you prefer,
'It's just a fucking web page.'

You can sign up for my
occassional mailing list over
there at the top left.
Basic site navigation is
over there, bottom left.
I use frames because it
makes my life easier.
And I use them well.

Over at the bottom right
are more 'archive' type things,
your 'what's new' stuff and
crap like that.

Uh, enjoy your stay. Tell me how
you like it. Or hate it. I usually
reply to mail at some point in time.


uReach : web pundits,
this is your kind of place.