Ah, the 'about me' page. The page where I, for some unspecified reason, unleash a torrent of useless information about myself upon you, the reader. In most cases, this is the first place you came when you first hit the site.

I know because I do the same thing. There is this perverse need to know whose life we are invading, what they are about, why we should find them interesting. If we know nothing about them, then we have no reason to explore their little world further. We only care about exploring something when we have some attachment to it, or some vested interest in it.

And so we need to find out about the creator of a web site, we need to bond in some way to be able to appreciate anything else that may be out there, we need to know the person before we can begin to pass judgement on what they have done, or try to understand what they have written. Regardless of the impersonal nature of the web, we need that human connection nonetheless.

Perceptions may not be your reality,
but for everyone else, they are.

Quick Stats:

Born: 1970
Live: New Jersey
Work: Business Analyst
Wife: Yes
Kids: One
Beer: Penn Pilsner
Pets: Dog, cat
Like: Most anything
Hate: Writing bios, country music

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