Houlihan's in Penn station sure gets a workout from me.

So I walk in and belly up to the bar, a crazy-haired guy in a leather jacket sits next to me. I bum a cigarette off him. Offering an "American Flyer," he procedes to explain to me that these are the best cigarettes in the world.

He's also down from Boston (Mass. College of Art) to attend a graphic designer conference. "Hunter is going to be there. You know..."

"Yes. Live or Die. I know."

He had his book of illustrations - no portfolio, but was exceptionally proud of an action figure he design, based upon himself and self portrait. Actually, it was very good, but I wonder what the psychological implications of that are.

Then he took two of my poetry books, a card, and offered to illustrate some of the poems.

I said I'd put them up on the Web.

Yeah, the web.. sure.

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