She sauntered up to the bar, already bitching and moaning to no one in particular that she had missed her damn train. Teetering on too-high heels, blonde frizzy hair stuck out like wire, framing a thin face with smudged lipstick.

"The things moms have to do for science projects!" she exclaimed. Again, to no one in particular. A white zinfandale was placed on the bar in front of her, to the right of the twenty she had placed there a moment ago. Taking a sip of the wine, she winced as the sweet liquid hit her tongue, sliding coolly down her throat.

"Shit, I can't miss this next train!" The bartender nodded knowingly and said he would make sure she got out of the bar in time. He promptly walked away after lighting her cigarette.

She tilted the wine glass back for another sip, holding it there for a moment. Her glassy eyes closed and she leaned her head back further, keeping the glass raised to her lips as the light pink liquid quickly drained from the glass in two gulps.

Swaying back and forth, leaning against the bar, she carefully put the glass back on the bar. "I have to go to a bar-b-q at home now. The kids have better understand it's all for their science project. All their little friends will be there tonight. The things moms have to do!"

I could almost see it, painful as it was, as she walked in her front door. A children's party going on as she stumbled over the threshhold, "Mom's home!" to no one in particular. Her children knowingly diverting their guests to another room in vain as she comes into the adjacent room, insisting on a hello kiss.

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