You know, the web is a wonderful place.  But I hate being swamped by all this crap people are using because it is cool.  JavaScript is great, but not all browsers support it (MicroSoft Evil Empire).  Here, I try to put in detection to prevent people from being inconvienced.

But now, I don't have sound on my PC (onl;y a lowly PC Soundcard).  And even if I did, I don't think I would want to get the theme music from the Very Brady Sequel ringing in my ears when I hit some stupid site.  Also, some people surf at work and having dogs barking from your PC is, well, fucking annoying.

If you want to use MIDIs, fine.  But why don't you just put in the capability, then ASK if the surfer wants it?  Hell, if they like music that much, one click on the stupid "play" button will satisfy them and you.  But don't go pushing the shit over onto me because you think its cool.

If I wanted music, anyway, I'd head over to Netcast and sign up for their streaming and be able to choose the music I wanted to listen to while surfing your boring, bandwidth hogging site.

As it is, if I hit some MIDI activated page (that will, of course take hours to load up), I sually walk away while it's loading.  Then the damn MIDI error comes up.  If I don't click it off right away, crash and burn goes my browser.

I've actually hit commercial sites using MIDIs and it's damn annoying.  People aren't out to listen to some company's bland taste in music.  If you want to give them sound bites for information, put it on a link.

And people complain about frames.  Geeze.


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